Ichigaya Jōhō Center

Ichigaya Jōhō Center

Running ICT facilities and systems in Ichigaya campus.


4F, Boissonade Tower


Open Monday to Saturday 8:45‒20:45

*Open on Saturday only during term of classes.

(Note:All time notations follow Japan Standard Time, same as below and others.)

ID and Password

  Your ID for using the network of Hosei University is specified on the Admission System. 

For new students who do not use the general/comprehensive/recommendation entrance examinations: please check the “Student ID Card Information” for necessary details.


 All students are required to reset the initial password by yourself in order to use various network systems. For step-by-step operation, please refer to the following URL:

https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/important/important20220405i01.html (in Japanese)


  Please be sure to read our network policy at the first time you use.

The Hosei University Education and Research Information Network Usage Policy
(in English)


 Make sure to change the initial password to something only you know.
As long as you remember your password, you can reset it by yourself via https://webt.hosei.ac.jp/webmtn/ (English available)


 In case of failing to reset your password by yourself or forgetting it, you can go to the Jōhō Cafeteria* to ask for a new password issued to you. (You need to present your student ID card.)

*If it is hard for you to come to campus, you can also get password reset by remote during Covid-19 epidemic. Please refer to “For further information” below.


 It is mandatory to update the login information of hosei-wifi after you changed password. For details of manual, please refer to the following URL:

https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/protected/manual/wirelesslan/manual-wireless.html (English available)


◆ Wireless network

Network service


New wireless lan


Encrypted wireless network


*Do not use hosei-wifi on a terminal shared by many and unspecified users. Otherwise someone’s authentication information might be shared.


Manual: https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/manual/manual_list.html
(mostly in Japanese only, but setting manuals in English are available)


◆ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

From outside the University, you can connect your computer to the university LAN with connection method “SSL-VPN(AnyConnect)” and access to most of Internal services such as university’s servers, databases and digital jounals of libraly system.

You need to install the client software to use the mothod.
For more information of the intallation, defer to the URL below.

Manual: https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/protected/manual/vpn/manual-vpn.html (in Japanese)

Services for students

◆ Gmail for education

 Your mail address is specified on “User ID and Password Notification”.
Log in at https://gmail.hosei.ac.jp

 By default, the interface is in Japanese; this can be changed.
 Please check your university mail account frequently since you will receive emails such as announcements which you should know from the university.


◆ Google Workspace(former G Suite)

 You can use Google Calendar, Google Group, Google Site, and Google Drive. Log in at https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/manual/gsuite/G-Suite.html (in Japanese)


◆ G drive for data storage

 You can save your data in a university file server in order to store or transfer it on and off campus without the need for a USB thumb drive or other media. (There is a limit of 500MB per student.)

Manual: https://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/use_pc/gdrive (in Japanese)


A university computer is initialized whenever you log out. So don’t forget to save your files to the G drive, Google drive or other media.


◆ Proself

 You can upload and download data to your G drive via Proself from off-campus environment. Also, you can share the report and assignment with teachers through Proself.  

 Language setting is available on Proself for your convenience. The steps for how to change it are stated here: How to Change Language Setting on Proself


 Here is the User Manual for Proself (in English) for more functions.


◆ Webex and Zoom

 Hosei University has adopted Cisco Webex Meetings and Zoom for conducting online classes. Please click the following URL to refer to English Manuals for Login procedures:


・Cisco Webex Meetings
   Login   https://hosei.webex.com/
   Manual  https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/protected/manual/distance/manual-enkaku-Webex-english.html

You can change language after login, see pulldown menu”言語” < 全般tab < 基本設定 screen.


     Login   https://hosei-ac-jp.zoom.us/  
     Manual  https://netsys.hosei.ac.jp/protected/manual/distance/manual-enkaku-Zoom-english.html

 You can change language after login, see the pulldown menu at the bottom of the site.


 We strongly recommend that you use the browser version of Webex and Zoom, for the reason that you have to always keep your application up to the lastest version in order not to get caught in trouble or malfunction.


◆Smartphone Service

 You can also forward the mails from University Jōhō System to your smartphone. For details of mail-forwarding service on smartphones, click here

Office 365

 The English-language version of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS; see https://software.k.hosei.ac.jp/win-office/ (in Japanese).

Jōhō Cafeteria

 The Jōhō Cafeteria is on the second floor of Fujimizaka Building. It’s open from Monday to Saturday: 08:45 to 20:45 on days when classes are held, and 10:00 to 18:00 on other days. Bring your student ID card.

◆At the Cafeteria, you can:

  • ・ use a desktop Windows computer (Windows 10, Japanese language)
  • ・ use a desktop Mac computer (OS Catalina, Japanese language)
  • ・ borrow a laptop computer (Windows 10, Japanese language) for return by 19:00 the same day (only on days when classes are held). If you can’t return in time,the penalty is imposed. 
  • ・ have your password reset
  • ・ print
  • ・ scan (using “AV” computers)


  We have 11 On-demand Printers in Ichigaya Campus. You can see detail information below.


Location・Paper Size・Available Time of On-demand Printers



Number of Units

Available Paper Size

Available Time

Jōhō Cafeteria

2F, Fujimizaka Building


B5, A4, A3




The available time above varies depending on the opening schedule of facilities where On-demand Printers are installed.

Peer Learning Space

3F, Boissonade Tower


A4, A3

Career Center

2F, Sotobori Building


Learning Commons

1F, Fujimizaka Building


Guidance Room

1F, 80’Building



※You cannot print on carry-on paper.

※The only 1 On-demand Printer for cash settlement is installed in “Jōhō Cafeteria 2 (2F, Fujimizaka Building)”.

※You cannot print when it has been 21:00 on the way of data transmission, so please be careful when you print multiple data files at nearly 21:00. Also, the printing data which remain in the system without being printed out on paper will be deleted at 24:00.


 Here is the User Manual for On-demand Printing Service (in English).

 If you have problems with print-settings change, please refer to the brief outline of

Print-Setting Procedures (in English).


Price List

 There is a charge for On-demand Printing Service. Prepaid Cards (Transportation IC Cards) or cash can be used for payment.

Paper Size

Payment via

Transportation IC Card

Cash Payment




















※The prices listed are the charges required for printing per page (one page).
※There are some representative Transportation IC Cards available for payment:

※Since Pasmo started Apple Pay since October 6th, Pasmo card added to iphone or Apple Watch will not work any more.


 You can refer to the brief outline of payment methods (in English) for paying-off operation in details.


To Print from Personal Devices:

 There are 2 ways to print from your personal devices. One is via WEB Browsers, and the other is via application called “RICOH kantan nyu-shutsuryoku Application” which is mainly designed for smart devices.

  WEB Browsers RICOH kantan nyu-shutsuryoku Application
Printable Environment

On-Campus, Off-Campus

※VPN Connection required when Off-Campus

Only On-Campus
Printable Files Office documents, PDF files, txt, Image files Office documents, PDF files, txt, Image files, Website pages

 For operation details, please refer to the User Manual here:

“On-demand Printing via WEB Browsers”(in English)

“On-demand Printing via RICOH kantan nyu-shutsuryoku Application”(in English)

Software installed for student computers on Ichigaya campus

Most of the software is installed with menus and help files in Japanese.

Windows software is listed in https://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/cms/wp-content/uploads/software_win_202404.pdf(in Japanese).[1]

Mac softwareis listed in https://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/cms/wp-content/uploads/software_mac_202404.pdf(in Japanese; software listed here is installed in all the Mac computers).


[1] How to read this: Ignore the columns headed 情報実習室. Below 情報カフェテリア (i.e. Jōhō Cafeteria), “A∼D”, “E∼G”, “DT”, “AV” and タブレット mean, respectively, computers set up exactly as in rooms A through D, those as in rooms E through G, the regular computers in the cafeteria (constituting the great majority), the “audiovisual” computers in the cafeteria (equipped with scanners), and tablets that may be borrowed from the cafeteria; “◯” and “−” mean “installed” and “not installed” respectively.


◆About Adobe CC

Accompanying with the upgrade to the lastest version, you need to sign in with Adobe ID every time when you use Adobe CC since April, 2021.

For users who do NOT have Adobe ID: You can access the Adobe official website
https://www.adobe.com/ and click “sign in” at the top right of the index page to create your own ID by yourself.

For users who have ALREADY had Adobe ID: There is no need to create a new one. You can sign in with your Adobe ID straightly.


For Further Information(Limited During Covid-19 Epidemic)

Changing Password,

Password Reissue by remote

Ichigaya Jōhō Center (formally, Ichigaya Computing and Networking Center)

4F, Boissonade Tower



Password Reissue on campus Jōhō Cafeteria
2F, Fujimizaka Building
Network Services for Students
Google Workspace, VPN, Wireless LAN, etc.
Office 365 downloads softstation@ml.hosei.ac.jp
Zoom, Webex net_onlinetool_support@ml.hosei.ac.jp

※Please provide with detailed information in your E-mail such as Student ID number, Name, Date and time of occurrences, PC information, and status.
※Responses to your inquiries will be sent on weekdays. There will be delayed when we received mails on weekends and holidays.

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