The Opening Schedule of Joho Cafeteria(1/4/2023 update )

*Letters in Red is updated part


To Students of Ichigaya Campus


Joho Cafeteria will be held respectively as the following schedules.

*Note:All time notations follow Japan Standard Time, same as below and others.


Opening Hours

Please understand that schedule changes may occur from time to time according to the latest entrance rules of the university policy. 

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited both in Joho Cafeteria. 

Also, please refrain from talking except for taking online classes to prevent virus infection.



<Joho Cafeteria>

Apr.6th – Jul.31st

  (Monday to Saturday)



 (Sunday ・ Public Holidays)





※Apr.29th – may5th will be closed.





 8:45 – 20:45







*Open on public holidays when classes are held.




Apr.1st – Apr.6th

  (Monday to Saturday)



 (Sunday ・ Public Holidays)




 10:00 – 18:00







【When Using Zoom and Webex in Joho Cafeteria】

Here’s the notice about Zoom and Cisco Webex Meetings for taking Online classes in Joho Cafeteria.


Google Chrome is recommended for these web tools. Other browsers may not work properly.




How to login



<Cisco Webex Meetings>


How to login



*The installation is required each time because all the PC on the campus will be initialized when it has been shut down or restarted. 

*Please consider to bring your own headset as long as possible since the rental equipment may be out-of-stock.

*Our PC does not support Bluetooth-connected microphone or earphones. 


Request for Cooperation with Infection Spread Control

*All users are required to wear a mask and disinfect hands carefully at the entrance of these facilities.

*Please wipe the equipment you used and clean desk around with disinfection sheets(which are provided in each facility)after you have finished using PC.

*we regularly conduct ventilation and equipment disinfection in Joho Cafeteria and PC Classrooms.

*You can also bring your equipment used by connecting to a PC such as mouse, headset, keyboards for health consideration.