Ichigaya Jōhō Center

Ichigaya Jōhō Center

4F, Boissonade Tower
Open Monday to Friday 9:00‒11:30, 12:30‒17:00; Saturday 9:00‒12:00

ID and password

  Your ID and password for using the network of Hosei University are specified on the paper “User ID and Password Notification” (also titled ID通知書).

  As long as you know your password, you can change it at http://net2010.hosei.ac.jp/webtool.html

 If you lose your password, you can ask at the Jōhō Cafeteria to have a new password issued to you. (You must present your student ID card.)


◆ Wireless network

Network service



Certificate authentication network


each campus

Encrypted wireless network


each campus

Unencrypted wireless network


Ichigaya campus

Manual: https://net2010.hosei.ac.jp/manuals/nwservice/s/wlanencrypt.html
(mostly in Japanese only, but some parts also in English)

◆ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

 From outside the University, you can connect your computer to the university LAN through the internet. You can remotely access university servers and most of the databases and journals that you can access via the library when on campus.

 We have 3 kinds of connection methods and we recommend you to use “SSL-VPN(AnyConnect)” which enables you to use most of the services available from the campus network. If you want to install the dedicated client software, you need to be outside of the university.

Manual: https://net2010.hosei.ac.jp/manuals/nwservice/s/vpn.html (in Japanese)

The Hosei University Education and Research Information Network Usage Policy

Services for students

◆ Gmail for education

 Your mail address is specified on “User ID and Password Notification”.
Log in at https://gapps.hosei.ac.jp/login.html

 By default, the interface is in Japanese; this can be changed.

 In order to have mail that arrives at your Hosei address automatically forwarded elsewhere, go to https://webt.hosei.ac.jp/webtoolz/gforward/ (in both Japanese and English).

 Please check your university mail account frequently: you will receive email from the university, which you should read.

◆ G Suite(former Google Apps)

 You can use Google Calendar, Google Group, Google Site, and Google Drive. Log in at http://net2010.hosei.ac.jp/manuals/gapps_manuals.html (in Japanese)

◆ G drive for data storage

 You can save your data in a university file server in order to store or transfer it on and off campus without the need for a USB thumb drive or other media. (There is a limit of 500MB per student.)

Manual: http://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/use_pc/gdrive (in Japanese)

Office 365

 The English-language version of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS; see http://software.k.hosei.ac.jp/win-office/ (in Japanese).

Jōhō Cafeteria

 The Jōhō Cafeteria is on the second floor of Fujimizaka Building. It’s open from Monday to Saturday: 09:00 to 21:00 on days when classes are held, and 10:00 to 18:00 on other days. Bring your student ID card.

◆At the Cafeteria, you can:

  • ・ use a desktop Windows computer (Windows 8.1, Japanese language)
  • ・ use a desktop Mac computer (OS X 10.10.5, Japanese language)
  • ・ borrow a tablet computer (Windows 8.1, Japanese language) for return by 19:00 the same day (only on days when classes are held). If you can’t return in time,the penalty is imposed. 
  • ・ have your password reset
  • ・ print
  • ・ scan (using “AV” computers)

 A university computer is initialized whenever you log out. So don’t forget to save your files to the G drive, Google drive or other media.

◆ Printing

 Explanation: http://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/use_op (in Japanese)

 The only printer for payment in cash is in the Jōhō Cafeteria; for the locations of other printers, see the campus map below.


Payment via IC card

Payment in cash




















IC cards usable for payment include

◆ Software installed for student computers on Ichigaya campus

 Most of the software is installed with menus and help files in Japanese. English-language exceptions are LibreOffice (word processor, spreadsheet and other “office” functions) and Geany (text editor).

Windows software is listed in http://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/cms/wp-content/uploads/software_win_20170331.pdf (in Japanese).

Mac software is listed in http://hic.ws.hosei.ac.jp/cms/wp-content/uploads/software_mac_20170331.pdf (in Japanese; software listed here is installed in all the Mac computers).


For further information

Changing password, network

Ichigaya Jōhō Center (formally, Ichigaya Computing and Networking Center)

4F, Boissonade Tower

Resetting password

Jōhō Cafeteria

2F, Fujimizaka Building

Services for students


Office 365 downloads



Campus map


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Information System for Students
Class Support System Web guide
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